Saturday, 21 February 2009

Black Meat White Heat

Eddie's finally reaches the front cover of his next movie, Doug Jeffries' Black Meat White Heat. The movie has a message to accompany a lot of hot sex. Cole Ryder plays a hypocritical landowner who racially belittles his black workers in public, while indulging his sexual desires with them privately and denying his son, played by Cameron Marshall, the same pleasures with his boyfriend, Jason Tiya.

Eddie plays one of the workman, enjoying a hot three-way open-air session with Antonio Milan and Damien Holt. Eddie starts sucking on Antonio, whilst Damien does the same to Eddie. A suck-fest ensues, with both guys soon tonguing Eddie's cock and balls. Damien then fucks Antonio, while Antonio sucks Eddie, before a warmed-up Eddie then takes his turn to pound Antonio.

Back to the story, the landowner is ultimately revealed to the hypocrite he is, with the son reunited his beloved.

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